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5 Important Facts About Parent Involvement

  1. Parent Involvement boosts student achievement

  2. Parent Involvement is actually a better predictor of academic success than standardized tests.

  3. Parent Involvement is defined as "any variety of activities that allow parent to participate in the educational process at home or in the school."

  4. Parent Involvement declines as students age.

  5. Teachers and Schools can overcome barriers to parent involvement by reaching out and building trusting relationships.

We need you! Whether its for an hour or two, or more, we can use any time you can contribute and are flexible to your schedule. 

Throughout the year the PTA sponsors several activities that are designed to

support the school's dedication to education, families and community involvement

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We know that everyone is tasked with balancing work and family life. For this reason, we offer the flexibility. Most of our volunteers sign up in shifts that last about 1 to 2 hours.



All proceeds from our fundraisers go back to helping improve our children's education. If you are interested in helping to coordinate an event or volunteer at one of our fundraising events - check out ways to Get Involved!

Join the PTA!


The Canyon Rim PTA is an organization of parents and faculty dedicated to working together to provide the students of the school with the best possible education.

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